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Welcome students, instructors of UHT system
Direct teachings ONLINE courses with Julius senior instructor Level 2!
Call me : 00421 905 253 978 or Telegram/WhatsApp
Send me email and I contact you: taojoga@taojoga.sk

Dear Friend of Tao,
I invite you on Tao Energy meditations series classes from  September till December Fall & Winter 2021
Tao methodology is amazing. Daily only 1 hour lecture with practice, build up discipline and integrate Tao in daily life.

44 hours of methodology & practice of Tao Energy meditations Evolution
You can choose the course or recommended take whole package.
After every class you will receive recording from day class.
Total price 495€ ( 10% reduction for whole package).
Recordings available for 6 months
In course package fee is involved:

  • Introduction of UHT system

  • Methododogy of Basics I,II, Healing love I,II Fusion I

  • Practise of Basics I,II, Healing love I,II Fusion I

  • Sharing experiencies, Questions & Answears

  • Ebooklest of Basics I,II, Healing love I,II Fusion I

  • 44 credited hours in passport signed by senior instructor Julius

  • Sumary & Christmas party

Calendarium Fall schedule for year 2021
We start with Free Intro of UHT System  September 13 (Mon 12 00 -13 00 Paris time)
From September 15 (Wed –Thurs – Fri 12 00 -13 00 Paris time)
Basics I lessons series 9 hours

From October 13 (Wed –Thurs – Fri 12 00 -13 00 Paris time)
Basics II lessons series 9 hours

From November 03 (Wed –Thurs – Fri 12 00 -13 00 Paris time)
Healing love I, II lessons series 12 hours

From December 01 (Wed –Thurs – Fri 12 00 -13 00 Paris time)
Fusion I lessons series Building Energy body 12 hours

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