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Methodological course Iron Shirt I ONLINE
Date: 25 -29 April 2022 Paris time
Monday from 12:00 - 13:00 Theory and Practice
Thuesday from 12:00 - 13:00 Theory and Practice
from 12:00 - 13:00 Theory and Practice
from 12:00 - 13:00 Practice
from 12:00 - 16:00 Practice & Summary    
Price: 150€ Iron Shirt I/9 hours
Zoom room
2 month record available
9 Credited hous in the index.

On the course you will get amazing practical techniques and knowledge:
unique foundations for physical exercises, body strengthening and

Why put on an iron shirt?
Chi pressure & Belly
chi pressure
The power of the perineum
Wrapping exercises of organs, centers
Embracing Tree Methodology
Tortoise Position, Water Buffalo
Holding the Golden Urn
Iron Bridge and Iron
Golden phoenix flapping its wings

IRON SHIRT IA The trainee will learn to build the correct body structure in standing. He/she will then learn to build the connection of the tendons of the arms, legs and spine into one unit. He/she will also begin to build grounding - the rooting principle and use enveloping breathing techniques to build internal pressure and energy in the organs. Powerfully energizing static postures work the tendons and meridians, and later the bones. Mastering the Tree Pose and Holding the Golden Box are the foundation for Tai Chi movement meditation. Golden Tortoise and Buffalo powerfully replenish the shins, kidneys, and groin. Golden Phoenix, Iron Rod, Iron Bridge complete the 9 static postures.
Enveloping breathing techniques to create internal pressure and resistance are a very important part of the Iron Shirt. The adept gains more internal qi and is able to endure pressure from the outside...he also protects his organs such as kidneys, uterus, prostate and builds the strength of the perineum.
Lack of qi in these organs causes serious potency problems, so the iron shirt is an excellent prevention for all.
Stretching in positions allows to build the strength and stability of the individual, immediately filling with qi the bones, tendons, ligaments. Putting on the Iron Shirt is an excellent tool for longevity and excess qi accumulated in the body. The foundation of vitality and radiant qi of the body.  

Iron Shirt IB
The trainee is immersed in the world of bones and breathing through bones. Gradually he/she feels the whole skeleton and the energy within them. Feeling the bones is a profound experience, at the same time understanding the importance of the bones, which are the energetic support for our body. The second part of the course will focus on unblocking specific emotions in the muscles and - isometric strengthening of the muscles. You will then learn how to build the connection of the tendons of the arms, legs and spine into one unit. Powerfully energizing static postures work the tendons and pathways, later breathing through the bones powerfully energizes and cleanses the bone marrow. This results in increased marrow blood production and immunity.
Engaging the bones in life and using them to store qi is a tool to get a vibrant qi body. Those who are in touch with their bones can channel a lot of cosmic qi through themselves with from the universe and receive more information, just like huge tall trees. This is the basis for building cosmic consciousness!

To register for the course you must mail or phone. At the same time, the full course fee must be paid to the bank account sent by mail. Once the payment has been credited to the account, a binding registration will be confirmed and a place will be secured for the participant.

Name of bank account:
Mgr. Július Masarovič - Healing Tao Alchemy
Account number: 262 581 8442 Bank code 1100 - Tatrabanka
IBAN SK43 1100 0000 002625818442  
please enter the name of the participant in the note  

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